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Wide-field imaging was where I started to show the pictures that I had taken to family and friends.  Before that, my pictures were just a blur.  Eventhough these pictures are not of the highest quality, at least I can that I shot them and that is how you learn.  You can get by with a just a camera and a tri-pod to start, then work your way up to guided imaging.  After I jumped into CCD imaging, I left out  wide-field imaging time while out under the stars.  I plan to get back into it in the near future.  Here are some images that I did five or six years ago, enjoy.

To view the details on each image, including how I imaged it, just click on the name or the image.


"The Center of the Milky Way"


"Circumpolar Stars"


"Scorpius Stars"


"Cygnus Stars"

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