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Some of my favorite links to the Web:

General Astronomy:

Explore the Stars  (An Astronomy program on Palomar Mountain)

Space Telescope Electronic Information Service: Astroweb.

NASA: Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Astronomy Magazines Homepage.

Cloudy Nights: great user forum and classified ad section

Astromart: a shopping place for new/used astronomy equipment.

Sky Publishing: Sky and Telescope Magazine Home page.

Palomar Observatory

Heavens-Above (Information on seeing objects in orbit from your location)

AAA State of Play: A blog site with numerous astronomy links recommended by Logan

Study Map:  A nice site for helping young learners have fun learning astronomy and more!

Amateur Astronomers:

Dale Mais

Robert Buchheim

Tom Kaye

Three Hills Observatory

David's Astronomy Page

Al Kelly's Astronomy Homepage

Mel Bartel's Astronomy Homepage


Photometry / Spectroscopy:

American Association of Variable Star Observers, (AAVSO)

Society of Astronomical Sciences. (SAS )

Visual Spec

Shelyak Instruments (Maker of the Lhires III)

Christian Buil (creator of Innovative Spectrographic Integrated Software (ISIS) and astronomical image processing software (IRIS)

ARAS Spectroscopy Forum


Astronomy Hardware / Software

Software Bisque (Astronomy software and mounts)

Santa Barbara Instrument Group (CCD Cameras)



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