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Some of my favorite links to the Web:

General Astronomy:

Explore the Stars  (An Astronomy program on Palomar Mountain)

Space Telescope Electronic Information Service: Astroweb.

NASA: Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Astronomy Magazines Homepage.

Astromart: a shopping place for new/used astronomy equipment.

Sky Publishing: Sky and Telescope Magazine Home page.

Palomar Observatory

Heavens-Above (Informatiom on seeing objects in orbit from your location)


Celestial Starscapes,  Astrophotography by Dean Jacobsen

Chuck's astrophotography page

Al Kelly's Astronomy Homepage

Mel Bartel's Astronomy Homepage


Photometry / Spectroscopy:

American Association of Varible Star Observers, AAVSO

Society of Astronomical Sciences. SAS

Professor Dale Mais,  Spectroscopy by Ameteurs

Visual Spec

Shelyak Instruments (Maker of the Lhires III)

Christian Buil (creator of Innovative Spectrographic Integrated Software (ISIS) and astronomical image processing software (IRIS)

ARAS Spectroscopy Forum

Specro-L Yahoo Group


Astromony Hardware / Software

Software Bisque (Astronomy software and mounts)

Santa Barbara Instrument Group (CCD Cameras)



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