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I personally feel that galaxies are some of the most interesting of the Deep Sky objects to image.  They are whirlpools of stars, gases and dust millions of light years way from us.  There are numerous shapes to their structures and numerous angles at which they face us.  But what really puts it into perspective for me is the vast distance their light has traveled to reach us.  The glow that I image is from the billions of stars within each galaxy.  The individual stars that you see in the images are the stars in our own galaxy, so we are looking through a curtain of stars.

Most of my older galaxy images are black and white and pretty rough .  With the R/C and the ST8XME camera, I have done color imaging using the LRGB method.  I process the data with CCDSoft and Photoshop.

To view the details on each galaxy, including how I imaged it, just click on the name or the image.

Messier 51

"The Whirlpool Galaxy"

Messier 64

"The Black-Eye Galaxy"


Messier 66


Messier 74


Messier 77

Messier 81

"Bodes Galaxy"


Messier 82

Messier 100


Messier 101


"The Sombrero Galaxy"


NGC 891

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