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Adventures in Remote Observing and Imaging:

Over the years I have observed and imaged from numerous locations.  From my home, the desert, the mountains and everwhere in between.  I've used my telescopes at starparties, friends houses, astronomy clubs, school events, and forest service campgrounds.

But going out to a remote site under really dark night skies is the most fun of the hobby.  To sit back under the pitch black sky and see the Milky Way in the summer or the bright constellations visible in the winter is a real treat for your eyes.  Then during the daytime you can explore the local sites, that is if your not too tired from staying up all night with the stars!  That's why it's called a "starparty".

These are some of (but not all) my favorite past locations to hang out at.  Now we're finding new locations traveling to find that new home.

Vallecitos Station County Campground, San Diego County, California


Terra Del Sol,  San Diego County, California


Our Home, Valley Center,  San Diego County, California


Mount Wilson 60-inch Telescope,  Los Angeles County, California



140 inch WIYN Telescope,  Kitt Peak, Arizona







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