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Nova Cygnus 2014

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Welcome to the Hearst Observatory webpage.

The Hearst Observatory is a work in progress, but the ultimate goal is to have a building housing multiple telescopes for remote operation, research and personal projects on our property in Valley Center, California.  The equipment  inventory is always growing, the building site has been picked, and all the hard work seems like a never ending project.  This page will cover the steps as the project comes to a completion, or I retire from my work, not sure which will be first!.  Explore the pages, links, and don't forget to check back, because our talents as web page builders/amateur astronomers are bound to improve with time.  This page is mainly dedicated to sharing astronomy with anyone who would be interested and to our family and friends.

Kevin & Allyson Hearst

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    Messier 81

    Messier 66

    Messier 97

    Messier 77 

    NGC 1514 

    NGC 6781 

    Messier 1 

    Messier 27 

    Messier 57 

    NGC 2392 

    Messier 74 

    Messier 82 

    2012 Venus Transit 

    Nova Cygnus 2014 


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